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9 Ways to Celebrate National Mentoring Month

Since 2002, the Mentoring Movement unites in celebration of National Mentoring Month and uses the power of our collective voice to recruit new mentors, advance the mentoring field’s legislative priorities, and drive meaningful change for young people.

This January, stand beside MENTOR New York and spread the positivity that is MENTORING! We know the value of mentoring and the power it has in uplifting youth, so what isn’t there to celebrate? Don’t know how to get involved? MENTOR NY is here to help!

Elevate Mentoring

1. Share on Social Media

Spread the word about National Mentoring Month on any of your social media platforms and celebrate the work of your organization or mentoring program. Tell your audience why mentoring is important and what it means to your community. When you post, tag @MENTORNewYork and use #MentoringMonth.

2. Post a Blog

Need more word space to share the positive impact of mentoring? Post a blog! For statistics of why mentoring matters, check out our Why Mentoring page. Don’t have a blog of your own? Connect with us about writing a feature for the MENTOR New York blog!

3. Share Mentoring Stories

During National Mentoring Month, it is important that we also elevate youth voices and mentoring relationships. Encourage your mentors and mentees to share what they mean to each other in a video and share it on social media. Or share on your blog or in an e-blast to your network how a mentee and mentor were matched and what their relationship has meant to them. For an example of how to tell a mentoring story, read Jim & Brandon’s, Mentoring Story.

Celebrate Together

4. Host an Open House

Use National Mentoring Month as a platform to amplify your recruitment efforts! Recruit mentors by inviting them to an open house where they can meet other mentors and mentees in your program. Facilitate a few mentoring activities so prospective mentors can see and experience mentoring in action. This can also be adjusted to a virtual event!

5. Have an Info Session for Companies

Engage corporate partners by hosting a brown bag lunch with prospective employee mentors. Focus on raising their awareness of your local mentoring gap and the existing opportunities to connect with youth. For more ways to leverage corporate engagement in mentoring, check out this toolkit.

6. Gather Mentors and Mentees to Celebrate Mentoring

Who doesn’t love a party? Host an in-person or virtual party with your mentors and mentees to celebrate mentoring! Attendees can share how mentoring has impacted them. Include fun activities and games to get everyone involved.


7. Contact your Governor

Reach out to your governor and request they issue a proclamation honoring National Mentoring Month in New York! A proclamation is a formal recognition and declaration from elected officials for special events and occasions being honored in your state. Or, encourage your governor or state officials to permit these employees to serve as volunteer mentors utilizing their paid volunteer leave. Make the case as a means of reducing your state’s mentee waitlist and increasing mentor recruitment efforts.

8. Contact your Mayor

Work with your mayor’s office to host a mentor recruitment campaign that they champion during National Mentoring Month. Or, invite them to get involved by posting on social media or attending an event you’re hosting as a VIP guest.

9. Contact Member of Congress

Ask your Members of Congress to sign on to the National Mentoring Month Resolution. Or, request a virtual meeting to talk about your program and needs in your community. These meetings can happen in-person or virtually depending on current rules, personal comfort, and availability.

Not sure where to get started with these advocacy ideas? Check out this toolkit for resources and tips for contacting government officials.

We want to hear from you!

Share on social media how you’re celebrating National Mentoring Month and tag @MENTORNewYork so we can elevate your program.


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