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Who We Are

MENTOR New York is a champion of young people. We believe all youth deserve the opportunities and support to reach their fullest potential—and we know mentoring can do that.

Our mission is to increase the quality and quantity of mentoring relationships and close the "mentoring gap" in New York State.

A teenage girl walks with her mentee

What We Do

We partner with schools, programs, businesses, and government agencies to foster positive mentoring relationships wherever young people live, learn, work, and play.
How can we support you? Our team provides expert training and consultation to enhance existing mentoring programs, while working to launch new initiatives across the state.

Our History

Formerly known as the Mentoring Partnership of New York, MENTOR New York has been building, enhancing, and advocating for quality youth mentorships for over 30 years.

From aiding young people affected by 9/11 to powering virtual opportunities during the pandemic, our history reflects a deep commitment to ensuring youth thrive with the support they need.


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