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Growing Together: Jim & Brandon’s Mentoring Story

When the pandemic hit, Brandon and Jim had only been matched for six months. Not only did they sustain their relationship, but they were able to make it grow.

Where It Started

Fourteen-year-old Brandon wanted a Big that would do fun activities with him, get him outside of his house more, and create new experiences with him because he loves to try new things and explore new interests.

When Brandon met Jim, a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters Long Island (BBBS), in September 2019, they hit it off immediately. Together they love to talk, read, do things outside, and FaceTime together.

Since becoming Jim’s mentee, Brandon has grown to be more comfortable trying new things, and they have so much fun together feeding off each other’s energies and humor. They also have enjoyed attending events meeting other Littles and Bigs in the BBBS program.

“Without Brandon, life would be less full,” said Jim.

He became a mentor because he wanted to make an impact on a young person’s life. With Brandon, Jim is very patient, kind, and goes above and beyond since becoming a Big.

Learning From Each Other

Brandon has taught Jim that children can be quite resilient, and sometimes all they need is a friendly hand to guide them. He has also learned how to engage with teenagers in a productive way and build a solid, trusting relationship.

“Jim is always there for me,” says Brandon.

This can especially be seen in how Jim showed up each week throughout COVID-19!

When the pandemic hit, they continued to stay in touch over weekly FaceTime sessions where they would talk about anything and everything. Despite the physical distance, their relationship has really grown since the pandemic and Brandon has grown as well.

Likes Jim, you could grow and learn with a young person. Learn more about mentoring or become a mentor today!


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