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Racial Justice
& Equity

As racial injustice perpetuates and remains unchecked in our nation, we remain deeply committed to the fight for racial equity and uplifting the voices of Black youth. We stand with the mentoring programs and schools who are supporting their mentors, mentees, and their families. As a community, we will come together in the fight for justice.


A New Framework for Increasing Racial Equity

This page introduces MENTOR New York's framework for increasing racial equity within the mentoring movement and the Amplify Equity Toolkit, a resource designed to promote racial justice, inclusion, and equity through innovative approaches. You'll also find resources for programs around racism and cultural respect, in addition to related recorded events and panel discussions

Framework - Racial Equity

About the Framework

Watch the introductory video featuring MENTOR New York's CEO to learn more about the Framework. This Framework can help shape how your school, company or organization identifies ways to increase racial equity and inclusion as you commit to creating anti-racist spaces for young people.

The Framework was created by MENTOR New York with the support of Black leaders in the mentoring movement in NY, local Diversity, Equity and Inclusion experts and MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership.


MENTOR New York is committed to reviewing our own work and practices to uphold our part of the framework. 

How Can You Get Started?

Partner With MENTOR New York

To get started, schedule a short consultation meeting with Brenda Jiménez, CEO, to learn about ways that your program can partner with MENTOR New York to utilize the Racial Equity Framework.


Envisioning a More
Equitable World

Built from our Racial Equity Framework, the Amplify Equity Kit is designed to promote racial justice, inclusion, and equity through innovative approaches presented in a series of micro-lessons.

Uncover new perspectives, opportunities, and turnkey practices to implement in your youth-serving programs. Participating in cohort learning allows you to interact and collaborate with other professionals and connects you with MENTOR New York's program team and support resources.

Fulfilling Our Commitment

A core piece of this Racial Justice Framework is MENTOR New York's promise to evaluate its own systems and practices to create a more inclusive and equitable organization with DEI at the center. We are committed to elevating four action pillars within our work: 

Amplify Equit Toolkit

Elevating Youth Voice

New York Youth-Led Advocacy and Mentoring Town Hall


As mentors in New York learn and grow alongside young people, there are many ways that they can support the advocacy and policy interests or passions of their mentees and young people. No matter what the issue or topic, young people have a critical voice and role to play in advocating for positive change.


This youth-led conversation on the state of youth advocacy in New York will feature Youth Advocates for Mentoring, a program that trains young leaders on advocacy, policy and organizing, and youth-leaders in the state in conversation with MENTOR New York CEO Brenda Jimenez. They will share their perspectives on youth advocacy, civic engagement, partnering with adults on advocacy and how mentors can support their important work in the state.

Resources on Race, Inclusion & Cultural Respect

MENTOR New York has compiled our key resources that seek to help mentoring programs and mentors show up better for and with young people. Stay tuned for new resources over the next few weeks.

Resources - Racia Equity
Videos - Racial Equity

Recorded Events & Panel Discussions

Wellness Panel Series

Talking with Black and Brown Youth Amid Racial Injustice


Wellness Panel Series

Mentoring Take Two: Talking with Black and Brown Youth Amid Racial Injustice


Wellness Panel Series

Leading with Intention in the Fight for Racial Justice: MENTOR Affiliate Leaders Look Within the Movement


Wellness Panel Series

Mentoring Take Two: Leading with Intention in the Fight for Racial Justice


Black Youth Town Hall

In partnership with Youth Mentoring Action Network, MENTOR co-hosted The Black Youth Town Hall, a youth-led community dialogue aimed at supporting young people as they process recent events and the state of race relations.


2020 National Mentoring Summit

Dr. Wizdom Powell speaks to the importance of mentors in the lives of youth who’ve experienced trauma, particularly Black youth.

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