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MENTOR New York Infuses More Heart Into Their Work!

NEW YORK— MENTOR New York is excited to announce that, effective immediately, the organization has undergone a brand refresh aligning with the national brand of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR). This brand refresh is a reinforcement of the organization’s role in the national mentoring movement and reflects its role as a collaborating Affiliate of MENTOR. MENTOR NY kicked off National Mentoring Month by unveiling their updated brand yesterday morning at a bell-ringing ceremony at NASDAQ, opening trading for 2020.

“Adopting the MENTOR brand and furthering aligning with the mentoring movement on a national level is a critical step for us,” said Brenda Jimenez, CEO of MENTOR New York. “As part of a new 3-year strategic vision for MENTOR NY, standing with the MENTOR heart will take our work to the next level and enable us to help more young people throughout the state.”

For 26 years, MENTOR New York has served the young people of NY, beginning in the NYC and Long Island communities and expanding to serve the entire state in 2018. This brand refresh is an exciting next step in the history of the organization.

“MENTOR New York’s rebranding is an exciting evolution that reflects their incredible evolution, innovation and leadership in the statewide mentoring movement and within the family of MENTOR’s Affiliates,” said David Shapiro, CEO of MENTOR. “As one of our first Affiliates, this alignment also represents MENTOR New York’s place at the heart of leading the way on training, recruitment, awareness, advocacy and best practices.”

MENTOR New York is committed to the same mission to fuel the quality and quantity of mentoring relationships for young people and close the mentoring gap in New York State. The organization’s vision is to create mentoring cultures and foster mentoring relationships wherever young people live, learn, work and play.

Since MENTOR New York’s establishment in 1993, the organization has been a member of MENTOR’s Affiliates, serving a unique role as consulting nonprofit offering services including training, resources, public awareness and advocacy. MENTOR New York will continue to provide this critical link between MENTOR’s national efforts and local organizations and programs that foster and support quality mentoring relationships. Under its new branding, MENTOR New York will also be better positioned to utilize MENTOR’s national recruitment campaigns and partners (such as the NBA, LinkedIn, and Starbucks), which will help increase awareness of the need for mentoring in New York.

About MENTOR New York

MENTOR New York partners with nearly 850 mentoring programs that serve approximately 80,000 young people throughout the state. MENTOR NY is an Affiliate of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, the national nonprofit unifying and elevating the mentoring movement. For more information about mentoring programs and initiatives, visit


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