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Announcing the Appointment of Keisha Forbes to Our Board of Directors

MENTOR New York is thrilled to announce the appointment of Keisha Forbes, CB IB Regulatory Cross Product Governance and Control for Deutsche Bank, to its Board of Directors.

Keisha Forbes joins the MENTOR New York Board of Directors with a strong commitment to mentorship, which she believes is a crucial part of her identity. Having experienced a profoundly positive impact from mentoring in her own life, Forbes knows how it can pave a path to success for young people. For this reason, she feels privileged to work at Deutsche Bank, an employer that values mentorship in the same capacity that she does, and join MENTOR New York’s Board to work toward the mission of closing the mentoring gap in New York.

“I have been fortunate to have mentors early in my career and continue to have mentors as a seasoned professional. I want to be that champion for young people who want it. Mentoring allows me an opportunity to have a positive impact on young people and in some instances change the trajectory of their lives for the better,” said Forbes.

“Keisha Forbes joins our Board of Directors at a crucial moment in time when young people are facing unprecedentedly high academic barriers, mental health challenges, and loneliness and isolation. Her expertise, commitment, and passion for business and mentoring will help us continue to strategically scale the movement in New York wherever young people live, learn, work, and play. I am excited to have her as a partner in this work,” said Brenda Jimenez, CEO of MENTOR New York.

“It is truly an honor to join MENTOR New York’s Board of Directors and to serve in this space with smart and talented professionals. I am motivated and feel a sense of responsibility to add value to the communities in which we serve,” said Forbes.

About Keisha Forbes

Keisha Forbes has almost two decades of experience in the financial services industry supporting adherence to worldwide regulations and policies, driving business process automation and innovation, and enhancing data quality and analysis. Her past experience across areas in Operations, Finance, Regulatory Risk, and Control and Strategy has supported her at both Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley from 2008 to 2015. She is a graduate of Howard University with a BBA in International Business/Finance and Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, where she received her MBA. Keisha also has a passion for volunteering and education in her community. She finds pleasure in traveling, exploring nature, and connecting people to one another.

“There is no greater reward than to know I played a small part in shaping the minds and lives of our younger generation and future leaders,” said Forbes.


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