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MENTOR New York has trained my mentors for the past 21 years. It has made a difference in the lives of so many students. Thank you!

Pat Banhazi, Baldwin High School, Long Island

Potential is equally distributed; opportunity is not. We work to drive equity and close the mentoring gap by fostering quality mentoring relationships wherever young people live, learn, work, and play.


Over 500,000 young people in New York need or want a mentor. Using research-based best practices, we advise and train our partners about how to start, manage, and improve quality mentoring initiatives for young people.

Discover how you can build safer, more intentional relationships that yield better outcomes for all youth. 

Partner with us to explore how you can bring mentoring cultures into your school, workplace, internships, and community programs

We work with over 1000 youth-serving initiatives annually to improve the quality, capacity, and safety of services provided to young New Yorkers.


Connect with a group of like-minded professionals committed to providing quality mentoring relationships. This community can be your community!

Join the MENTOR New York Network to learn about exclusive professional development opportunities, utilize our support services, share resources with others in the field and much more.

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