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When The Mentee Becomes A Mentor: Kavell & Imran’s Mentoring Story

Imran’s mentor, Kavell, was a mentee himself through Student Sponsor Partners, and through their relationship, Imran has gained a friend and supporter. Like Kavell, Imran aspires to become a mentor himself in the future.

What Brought Them Together

Imran is a 16-year-old junior at Christ the King High School in Queens. As an incoming freshman, Imran applied for and was offered a scholarship to attend one of Student Sponsor Partners (SSP) partner high schools. This was an educational opportunity, but also an opportunity for him to have a mentor.

When Imran first started SSP, there were many new experiences ahead. He was nervous about the program and what was expected of him, as well as meeting his new mentor, Kavell.

As an alumnus of SSP, Kavell understands just how challenging it can be to navigate one's identity, the educational system, and the complexity of adolescence. Having had a mentor when he was younger, he knows firsthand the importance of guidance, encouragement, and healthy connection from a person who is invested in your success. This is what led Kavell to become a mentor as an adult.

"I’ve learned that life is more about what you can give rather than take and I aspire to leave a legacy of service. Serving in a formalized mentoring program like Student Sponsor Partners helps me put those values into practice,” said Kavell.

When Kavell first met Irman, he was excited. He saw a lot of his younger self in his mentee and learned that they shared many interests including playing video games, spending time with friends, and basketball. As they got to know each other, Irman's initial nerves disappeared and a great friendship blosomed.

Building a Relationship Virtually

When Kavell learned that Imran wanted to study theater, they talked about it and found programs to help him achieve his dream. With Kavell's encouragement and guidance, Imran signed up for Opening Act, a New York City-based theater program.

“As our relationship progressed, I gained a better understanding of what motivates Imran and some of the challenges he faces. I'm grateful that we are learning and growing together in our relationship,” said Kavell.

Since they haven’t seen each other in person due to the pandemic, Imran and Kavell enjoy checking in with phone calls and texts. They discuss their common interests, school, and Imran's progress. Imran feels comfortable talking with Kavell about any challenges or obstacles because he knows Kavell will do everything he can to support him.

"Kavell is not just a mentor. He's like a big brother, and I know I can count on him for anything," said Imran.

With the support of Kavell as his mentor, Imran now feels comfortable in the SSP program. He has taken advantage of the network around him: his mentor, SSP staff, school staff, and has overcome challenges through perseverance and with his support system rooting for him. He one day hopes to be a mentor himself to a young person like him.

Did you know that mentees are 90% more likely to become mentors themselves? Become a Mentor Today!


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