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Empowering Girls and Inspiring Women: Nandi & Lynn’s Mentoring Story

Like a splash of bright paint on a canvas, 11-year-old Lynn brings creativity and fun into her mentor Nandi’s life. In return, Nandi has been a positive female role model empowering Lynn to grow her confidence and finding fun ways to stay connected through the pandemic.

Matched by Big & Littles NYC Mentoring, Lynn and Nandi’s mentoring relationship grew over virtual meetings held almost every weekend. To this day, the telltale ringing of the phone will have Lynn leaping from her seat to answer Nandi’s call.

The Mentee Inspires the Mentor

A 25-year-old Brand Strategist, Nandi believes there’s no better way to thank the support system she had growing up than by picking up the torch and continuing their impactful work by mentoring someone else.

“Without my mentee Lynn, I’d be a bore. It’s true what they say about kids keeping you young and vibrant because I want to ensure our relationship is valuable and continuously appealing. I work towards evolving into a big sister that a little sister actually wants to be around and talk to, rather than another ‘boring adult,’” says Nandi.

A lover of all things art, Lynn’s creativity and expression through her art have inspired Nandi to stretch her own creativity and allow it to permeate in other facets of her life. Nandi and Lynn often work on art projects in addition to playing Roblox games and Minecraft activities or finding fun ways to learn science together.

Mentorship Gratitude and Growth

A special ritual Nandi and Lynn developed during their calls was discussing what they were grateful for each week. Nandi believes this activity has been particularly valuable because it reminds them both of what they are thankful for and creates shared moments of appreciation.

Lynn stated that the best part about having Nandi as her Big Sister is how “Nandi comforts me and always knows how to make me feel better when I am feeling sad.”

Over time, Lynn’s grandmother noticed changes in her granddaughter. Lynn’s self-esteem and confidence grew, reflected in how she became more open with sharing her feelings and thoughts and felt more comfortable advocating for herself in school and with peers.

“Though we may have a lot in common, there’s so much we can and are learning from one another,” said Nandi. “I’m not just mentoring Lynn; Lynn is also mentoring me!”

Don’t wait to see how a mentee can impact your life. Become a mentor today!


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