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An Oasis in the Pandemic: Robin & Anaya’s Mentoring Story

Driven by the desire to branch out and meet new people in different professions, 18-year-old Anaya joined Her Honor Mentoring Program. Little did she know that the relationship she would build with her mentor, Robin, would be a safe and certain space during an otherwise uncertain time.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

At the start of her senior year at Mount Vernon High School, Anaya met Robin, a longtime mentor, mother, and the owner of Harmony Designs, an interior design, home furnishing, and wellness shop. Often described as warm, energetic, and curious about learning new things, Anaya was excited to have a mentor like Robin who could help and guide her in new ways.

“I’ve learned some amazing advice from Robin. Her wisdom is out of this world,” said Anaya.

As Robin had done with past mentees, she welcomed Anaya into her business with a tender hand and a keen eye, always ensuring she felt seen, heard, and appreciated. With the ultimate goal of helping her mentees to see their potential, Robin and Anaya found they had a lot in common, and Robin gained insights that helped to shape her personal and professional goals, as well.

A Lifelong Connection

Having Robin as a mentor during the pandemic, created an oasis for Anaya. Her high school was almost 100% virtual for students that year, so Robin and other Her Honor mentors went above and beyond in their efforts to provide weekly guidance and support for their mentees.

Together, Robin and Anaya hosted a Her Honor lunch at Harmon Designs. Along with the three other Mount Vernon High School mentees and mentors in attendance, this quaint celebration honored the mentoring relationships they had all developed over the past year.

Even now as Anaya has graduated high school and moved on to her next stage in life, she will continue to stay in touch with Robin, who has maintained relationships with all of her past mentees.

Like Robin, you could be the person who ignites a young person’s potential! Learn more about mentoring or become a mentor today.


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