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Experts Panel




In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, MENTOR New York began a virtual panel series to address the most urgent needs of young people and assist programs as they consider and implement intentional strategies for wellness in this unprecedented time.


– To Be Announced Soon 


Belonging & Equity: How to Support Young People Amidst Continued Asian Hate & Discrimination


JUNE 22, 2021

When creating spaces for young people, belonging and inclusion matters. Join MENTOR New York for a panel discussion with Crystal Kim, Program Manager for APEX for Youth, and Hana Kaur Mangat, Co-Founder of Sikh Kid 2 Kid, to address impacts of these hate crimes and how caring adults can have conversations with young people to help them process these events and feel safer in their communities and classrooms.


  • Crystal Kim - Program Manager for APEX for Youth

  • Hana Mangat - Co-Founder of Sikh Kid 2 Kid

Mentoring & Wellness: How to Support Young People Through Today’s Mental Health Crisis 


MAY 20, 2021

Join Brenda Jimenez and panelists Scott Bloom (LCSW-R, Director of School Mental Health, NYC DOE), Dr. Noreen Stewart (Founder and CEO of Stewart Learning, Inc), and Larry Scott (School Psychologist, Buffalo Education Board Member) for a conversation about what parents, guardians, teachers, mentors, and other caring adults can think about when it comes to mental wellness and action steps to support the mental health of young people today.


  • Scott Bloom, LCSW-R, Director of School Mental Health, NYC DOE

  • Dr. Noreen Stewart - Founder and CEO of Stewart Learning, Inc

  • Larry Scott - School Psychologist, Buffalo Education Board Member

Leading with Intention in the Fight for Racial Justice: MENTOR Affiliate Leaders Look Within the Movement 


AUGUST 5, 2020 

Join Brenda Jimenez and MENTOR Affiliate CEOs of color from across the country as they discuss how the fight for racial justice and how self-reflection has impacted their leadership, what steps are they taking to support local programs and what changes need to happen in our movement to truly support anti-racism and elevate Black youth voices. 


  • Aristede Hill, Mentoring Program Manager, The Governor's Prevention Partnership

  • Atrayus O. Goode, President & CEO, MENTOR North Carolina

  • Gary Graham​, Sr. Director of Mentoring Initiative, United Way of Palm Beach County

  • LaNelle Ramey, M.A., Executive Director, MENTOR Greater Milwaukee

  • Lily Mendez, President & CEO, Mass Mentoring Partnership

  • Marcus L. Strother, President/CEO, MENTOR California

  • Paula Smith, Mentor Kansas Director, Kansas Volunteer Commission

  • Sadiq Ali, Executive Director, Maryland MENTOR

  • Thomas Owens CEO, MENTOR Newark

  • Tiffani Morrow, Sr. Manager, Youth Mentoring Partnership Foundation

Can Your Heart Really Drive Change: The Secrets of Leading and Working During Uncertain Times


JULY 15, 2020 

Join Brenda Jimenez and panelist Glenn Thomas for a panel discussion providing insight on how leaders, managers and staff can truly embrace the demands of these uncertain and changing times. Join us with an open mind and heart and learn how you can be an effective and impactful heart-centered leader.


  • Glenn Thomas, author of "Heart Work: 19 Expressions of Heart-Centered Leaders"

Talking with Black and Brown Youth Amid Racial Injustice


JUNE 10, 2020

Join Brenda Jimenez, Dr. Rolanda L. Ward and Chotsani Williams West as they lead a discussion on how program leaders and youth development professionals can have an impactful conversation with the staff, young people and mentors on racial injustice, protests and police brutality.


  •  Dr. Rolanda L. Ward, Ph.D., MSW, MDiv, Associate Professor of Social Work, Niagara University, Endowed Faculty Director, Rose Bente Lee Ostapenko Center for Race, Equality, and Mission

  • Chotsani Williams West, MA, Executive Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Adelphi University

Creating Spaces for Wellness for Our Youth


JUNE 9, 2020 

During this panel, Cicy George will present ideas and information on how youth development and mentoring programs can create spaces for wellness and instill self-care practices with the youth they serve.



  • Cicy George, Program Manager, HR Organizational Development, Northwell Health 

Nurturing the Mental Health of Our Young People


MAY 20, 2020 

Join us in our panel discussion where Dr. Roshnee Vázquez Barrett and Dr. Mariel Buqué will provide insight on how to navigate our own personal wellness, embrace our cultural humility and identify the coping language we will need to be the most powerful resource young people can have during this time and into the future.


  • Dr. Roshnee Vázquez Barrett, Psychologist, The Motherhood Center of New York

  • Dr. Mariel Buqué, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Columbia University


An hour never seems to be enough time! To ensure that all audience questions are answered, MENTOR New York created  Mentoring Take Two: a separate, recorded session with each panel's expert presenters to leave no question unanswered. These sessions are not recorded live. Instead, the link to a recording is shared along with a link to the main panel discussion. 

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