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DYCD YMI Training

Training for YMI Cornerstone Mentoring Coordinators and Mentors Coming Soon!

YMI Cornerstone Mentor Training Webinar


Hello Mentors-in-Training,

Thank you for your interest in helping and mentoring New York Youth. We at MENTOR New York and Young Men's Initiative appreciate your time and dedication.

To complete your webinar, we ask that you do the following:

1. If you haven't already done so, speak with your Coordinator about this webinar and receive handouts.


2. Complete the handouts as prompted during the webinar (you do not need to pause the video - Bruce, the facilitator, will give you time in the webinar to fill out the handouts). If you do not have the handouts ready, you can print them out here:


3. At the end of the webinar, come back to this page to fill out THIS SURVEY.

4. When you complete the survey, you will get an email with a copy of your answers. Please forward this email to the Site Coordinator for review.

If you have any problems with this step, please contact Brenda Jimenez at


We hope you enjoy the following as you navigate your Mentor/Mentee relationship. As always, MENTOR New York is here to support you.


When you are ready, please click THIS LINK to start the webinar.

This will take approximately 25 minutes.

Good Luck!

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