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MENTOR New York created a series of webinar tools to help prepare mentoring program coordinators and interested mentors.

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MENTOR New York, in partnership with People's United Bank, hosted webinars for coordinators in January of 2019.

To view webinars, you will be prompted to register. Once you have registered, the webinar will begin.

How You Can Leverage The Power of Relationship Research Findings

Did you know that an estimated 69% of all American adults either are mentoring or willing to mentor a young person in some capacity?

MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership did the research to prove it, and now, MENTOR New York will teach you how to leverage it and the report's other findings to improve your program's processes and outcomes! 

Free & Factual: Leveraging Mentoring Program Resources

Learn how you can get FREE, customized consultation and support. This webinar will go through the free resources available to you and how to navigate them. Resources include: The Mentoring Connector, National Quality Mentoring System (NQMS) and National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC).


Webinars for Coordinators


MENTOR New York, in partnership with NYC Services, has designed self-paced webinars that provide mentoring program coordinators with some of the latest information mentoring research to support their programs. 


Getting Ready for the Fall

Navigating the Growth Mindset Toolkit

for Mentors

This webinar will give mentoring coordinators a general understanding of growth mindset and an overview of the online Mindset Toolkit for Mentors.

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Managing Mentor Expectations

This webinar provides coordinators some guidance and ideas for setting clear expectations for the Mentors early in the intake process.   

Please have a sheet of paper to complete the activity

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give us your feedback.

Webinars for Mentors

To support NYC Mentoring Coalition members, established mentoring programs and recently launched mentoring programs, MENTOR New York has designed two self-paced webinars (ie. Webinars for Mentors) to help mentoring program coordinators maintain

mentor engagement during the cultivation stage.

Engaging Mentors for Success

Becoming a Mentor

Intended for individuals who are interested in mentoring, this webinar provides some facts about the role and expectations of a mentor.

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Our Mentoring Relationship

This webinar gives mentors and mentees an opportunity to discuss their individual roles in the mentoring relationship, and to learn what they

each expect and value in this relationship.  

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