In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, MENTOR New York has adjusted our planned in-person training sessions to occur virtually. 


MENTOR NY will continue to closely monitor the situation and hold training virtually until a time when in-person training can resume.



6/9 - Creating Spaces for Wellness for Our Youth

As we begin to slowly lift physical distancing restrictions, re-open businesses and get back to some type of normalcy, young people will still be navigating the psychological and emotional impact that this global pandemic has had on their lives. As the caring adults they turn to, it is important that we exercise self-care and teach young people to do the same. During this panel, Cicy George, Program Manager for HR organizational Development at Northwell Health and Brenda Jimenez CEO of MENTOR New York will present ideas and information on how youth development and mentoring programs can create spaces for wellness and instill self-care practices with the youth they serve. Register now.


5/27 - Social-Emotional Learning in Mentoring

Mentoring relationships create a foundation from which many strategies and goals can emerge. This webinar will outline ways in which the mentoring relationship can be used as the basis for social-emotional learning and growth, including activities and strategies for mentors to use in their mentoring sessions. Register now.

6/3 - Best Practices for Recruiting Mentors

This webinar will focus on the best practices surrounding mentor recruitment. Recruitment strategies should build positive attitudes and emotions about mentoring, and target mentees whose skills, backgrounds and needs best match the goals and structure of the program. Register now.

6/17 - Growth Mindset

Developing a growth mindset in regards to mentoring relationships focuses on ways that the mentor can assist the mentee with building a sense of perseverance, self-reflection, and positive decision making. This webinar will focus on ways that mentors can work to support and assist youth in developing these skills, while also covering best practices for helping youth through problems or challenges. Register now.

6/24 - Best Practices for Screening Volunteers

Screening is done in mentoring programs to ensure that participants, especially young people, are involved in safe relationships. This webinar will focus on screening techniques for programs to determine whether prospective mentors have the time, commitment, and qualities to be a safe and effective mentor. Register now.


View our past 2020 webinars here.

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