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Q: What model does MENTOR New York (MNY) use for its mentoring work?

A: MNY uses the evidence-based and widely accepted Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring (EEPM) as the basis for all of our work and training. EEPM is currently followed by major mentoring organizations, government and state agencies, funders, researchers and businesses. The publication was created by a blue-ribbon panel of experts in the mentoring field and has been revised four times to reflect the most recent research findings. Download the fourth edition of EEPM here.


Q: How does MNY help promote my mentoring program?

A: MNY, an affiliate of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, is the entryway for a mentoring program to be listed in the Mentoring Connector, the only national clearinghouse for mentoring programs. Thousands of people search the Mentoring Connector each month looking for volunteer opportunities. Many national programs, such as the NBA and the federal government, direct interested volunteers to the Mentoring Connector. Register your program here.


Q: Does MNY certify the quality of the mentoring programs with which it works?

A: MNY uses the EEPM as our roadmap while working with a mentoring program in the process of self-evaluation. After the self-assessment, MNY works with the mentoring program to determine which areas follow best practices and which areas could be improved. A work plan, if agreed upon, is drawn up and MNY provides assistance in implementing this plan. Once the program coordinator and MNY team feel that they have achieved best practice status in all key areas, the National Quality Assessment System (NQMS) is awarded. 


Q: What benefit does NQMS Status bring my program?

A: NQMS status is a badge of recognition of best practices that mentoring programs are proud to display on their website, stationery and promotional materials, as well as in grant and funding applications. Programs that are awarded NQMS status are listed first in any regional search of the Mentoring Connector on MENTOR's website, meaning that interested volunteers will see those programs first and recognize its high quality.

Q: How do I access MENTOR New York's no-cost technical assistance?

A: Request services through the National Mentoring Resource Center.

Q: If my program is up and running, how can I use my 50 hours of no-cost technical assistance?

A: Mentoring programs can use MNY's services in any area that will benefit their work. Programs have asked us for assistance with volunteer recruitment, match supervision, closure, business strategy, marketing, grant applications and more.


Q: I'm interested but not sure how MNY can help my program.

A: Please feel free to reach out to us. We would be glad to hear how you are doing, learn what you see as programmatic challenges and help you to reach more young people. Give us a call at 1-212-953-0945.

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