The current global pandemic has redefined how we do our work with the young people we serve. Even as we take precautions and follow advice from the CDC and World Health Organization, we know that relationships can't come to a standstill in this time of physical distancing. Connecting virtually and supporting our mentors and mentees is now more necessary than ever before.

MENTOR NY is here to serve you, our trusted partner, by providing the resources, support and expertise as you navigate this situation and continue to safely and effectively provide mentoring and other relational services to young people.


As a movement built on the foundation of relationships, we know the coming weeks will challenge us all to be creative in how we stay connected and push the work forward. Now more than ever, this work feels critical. Please remember that MENTOR New York is here as a thinking partner and support system you can trust.


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To continue being responsive and nimble to the needs and realities of the mentoring and youth development organizations we serve, MENTOR New York created a COVID-19 State Survey to collect data to access the landscape of the NY Mentoring Movement.



E-Mentoring Resources

If your program is permitted/able to communicate virtually, here are some resources:

If you want to explore if and how your program can do virtual mentoring, watch the recording of our webinar:

If your program decides to do virtual mentoring, consider what platform is best and be aware of its functionality and setting options. 

Resources for Mentors and Caregivers

Talking with Youth About COVID-19

We also encourage you to visit MENTOR National’s Coronavirus Tips and Resources for Mentoring page.



MENTOR NY is here to be your thinking partner as you face this trying time. In addition to creating virtual learning opportunities for professionals, we will host weekly virtual check-ins from program managers and leaders. We will continue to share tips around utilizing your time while working from home. For consistent updates about these opportunities, resources and more, join our mailing lists. Programs we've served.

Virtual Professional Development 

MENTOR New York is hosting webinars to offer continuous training opportunities for mentoring and youth development professionals.

Register for training

Additionally, join the bi-monthly Coffee Hour open forums to discuss different challenges and solutions that are impacting the mentoring movement in this time. Each week has a different focus. 

Register for virtual coffee hour

No-Cost Consultation 

MENTOR NY is continuing to offer no-cost consulting services to programs during this time using email, conference call and other digital tools. Are there projects you've wanted to consult on but haven't had the time? Do you want individualized assistance around implementing e-mentoring practices or other best practices in mentoring?


Apply on the National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC) website.



Embracing an Antiracist Approach to Inaccurate Information About COVID-19

Our movement stands united in our efforts to help young people thrive and will not support inaccurate information about the coronavirus or the use of coronavirus as a tool of racism and xenophobia.


Below are articles that offer helpful strategies and information:



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