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* Youth Development

* Mentoring Impact

* Mentoring Best Practices



Youth Development


Mentoring Tactics: Mentoring Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Youth 

Youth at disproportionate risk

Mentoring for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Questioning, Intersex, Gender NonConforming Youth 


Underserved Youth

Defining Youth at Risk

The Role of Risk: Mentoring Experiences and Outcomes for Youth with Varying Risk Profiles

Do Youth Mentoring Programs Change the Perspectives and Improve the life opportunities of at risk youth?

Supporting Young People in the Wake of Violence and Trauma

Positive Support: Mentoring and Depression Among High-Risk Youth 

Youth Initiated Mentoring: Investigating a new approach to working with vulnerable adolescents

Mentoring Immigrant and Refugee Youth-Toolkit for Program Coordinators 

Mentoring for First-Generation Immigrant and Refugee Youth 

Guide to Mentoring Boys and Young Men of Color-MBK and MENTOR 

The Need for Mentoring Youth with Disabilities 

Mentoring for Youth with Mental Health Challenges 

Mentoring for Children with Incarcerated Parents 

Mentoring for Youth with Backgrounds of Involvement in Commercial Activity 


Mentoring Impact

Mentoring: A Promising Strategy for Youth Development 

The Value in Mentoring our Youth 

Evaluation of the DYCD YMI Cornerstone Mentoring 

Mentoring: At the Crossroads for Education, Business and Community 

The Mentoring Effect: Young Peoples Perspective on the outcomes and availability of mentoring 


Dropout rates

Graduation Rates in New York State hits a new high 79.4%


Chronic Absenteeism

What is Chronic Absence

Student Absenteeism Indicators on Children and Youth 

Chronic Elementary Absenteeism a Problem hidden in Plain Sight 

Preventing Missed Opportunity: Taking Collective Action to Confront Chronic Absence 


Risk behaviors

The Use of Mentoring Programs to Improve Energy Balance Behaviors in High Risk Children 


Mentoring Best Practices


The Importance of effective recruitment and selection 



Screening mentors, you may have to say no 



Readiness Matter- The importance and Impact of Mentor Training



Tips for intake and orientation for mentees and parents/guardians/ mentee orientation manual

Mentor Orientation Training, Activities, Agenda, Roles, and Expectations 



Matching by Race and Gender in Mentoring Relationships: Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize 

Validating a Mentoring Relationship Quality Scale: Does Match Strength Predict Match Length?

The Influence of same versus cross-gender matching in formal youth mentoring programs



“Mentoring Up”: Learning to Manage Your Mentoring Relationships

Managing Mentoring Challenges (Tip sheet)



More Than Saying "Thank You": Comprehension Approaches to Mentor Retention 

Top 8 Ways to Show Volunteer Appreciation


Match Closure

Bringing Closure to the Mentoring Relationship 

"They always come, and they never say goodbye" Understanding Healthy Closure in Youth Mentoring