Types of Programs

What kind of program is right for me?

Programs can be either:

  • Site-based OR Community-based

Types of groups running programs:

  • Schools
  • Community Centers
  • Businesses
  • Government
  • Faith- Based Organizations

Program models/matching formats:

  • One–to–One
  • Group
  • Team
  • Peer 

Focus areas:

  • Friendship
  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Career Development
  • Religious


Look for a Mentor

Interested in finding a mentor for someone you care about?

A Mentor is a caring, consistent and committed friend.

Some children find natural mentors and experience informal mentoring in their life through relationships with family members, friends of the family, neighbors, friend’s parents, an older sibling, a sport or hobby etc.

Many of our youth do not find these types of enriching and guiding relationships on their own for any of several reasons such as environment, circumstance, available resources or simply a more introverted character.

Mentor New York is committed to creating and supporting effective formal mentoring programs so that every child has the opportunity to connect with a mentor. We work with over 600 mentoring programs across New York State.

Locate a Program Now

Trouble finding a program to fit?

Please call us so we can guide you toward one of the many wonderful mentoring programs or community based organizations we know about that may not be listed elsewhere.

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